Welcome to Legacy Lab

A community of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs who are transforming the way we do business.

Legacy Lab.IO

Hey, ASalaamu Alaikum 

Welcome to the lab. 

We are cited to have you here!


We are creating this community to bring Muslim Women Entrepreneurs from around the world to share knowledge and wisdom of business. 

A modern-day house of wisdom

A space where Muslim Women Entrepreneurs come together to share what they know and learn how to grow their business.

Legacy Lab provides an exclusive, sacred space for Muslim Women Entrepreneurs to design, develop, and discuss entrepreneurship, work/life balance, and goal setting strategies.

Say goodbye to cliquish high shool like groups that focus on your ethnic background or are all about who you know in the industry. 

The goal in the lab is for us to ALL succeed and help one another grow. 

Connect, Collaborate, partner and grow together in business and sisterhood.



  • Make connections and create collaborations

  • Gain insights about business strategies, tools, and tech.

  • Get honest feedback about what you are creating from your ideal client. 

  • Find out what works, save time and money, knowing what has and has not worked for others.


  1. Face to face and online seminars, workshops, and masterminds.

  2. Monthly downloads and strategy workbooks

  3. Local face to face meetups in cities around the world.

  4. Opportunities to collaborate & partner with Influential Muslim Women Entrepreneurs from around the world.

Say goodbye to distracting, spammy FB groups where it's all about promotion and not business knowledge of growth.

We are Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Daughters; we wear many hats but faith & family always come first!

We are life long learners and are seeking growth and transformation in our businesses and our lives. 

We are living & leaving a legacy!

We are educators, healers, bloggers, vloggers, fashionistas, tech nerds, creators. 

Our community is inclusive and embraces the diversity of our many cultures and experiences and we would love for it to include YOU!


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